Basic Arcane (The damage of spells depends on intelligence the more we have more damage we are with them)

Light Scroll.jpg
Light Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 0).
Minor Healing Scroll.jpg
Light Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 0).
Magic Missile Scroll.jpg
Magic Missile Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 30).
Frost Ray Scroll.jpg
Frost Ray Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 10).
Frog Jump Scroll.jpg
Frog Jump Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 0).

Advanced Arcane

Fire Ray Scroll.jpg
Fire Ray Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 15).
Sparkling Ray Scroll.jpg
Sparkling Ray Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 15).
Cure Minor Diseases Scroll.jpg
Cure Minor Diseases Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 0).
Magic Bolt Scroll.jpg
Magic Bolt Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 45).
Acid Splash Scroll.jpg
Acid Splash Scroll Weight0.01 Demage 50).
Frostbite Scroll.jpg
Frostbite Scroll (Weight0.01 Demage 55).
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