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Potions may be crafted in Mutagen Extinction that will help turn the tide of a battle.

Stone Mortarcenter

Stone Mortar.

Basic Glue

Basic Glue.



Fine Salt

Fine Salt.

Aloevera Liner

Aloevera Liner.

Small Antimutagenic

Small Antimutagenic.

Minor Antidote

Minor Antidote.

Minor Antibiotic

Minor Antibiotic.

Alchemist`s Table

Alchemist`s Table.

Enhanced Glue

Enhanced Glue.

Healing Potions

Healing Potions.

Anti-Mutagen Potion

Anti-Mutagen Potion.

Potion Antidote

Potion Antidoten.

Antibiotic Potions

Antibiotic Potions.

Empty Scroll

Empty Scroll.