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Mutagen Extinction
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In the formerly placid world of Nordheim, a devastating plague called Mutagen has been unleashed causing the almost complete extinction of humanity.

As one of the few unmutated survivors of Nordheim you will learn from the struggles of this new and rough world filled with strange and dangerous creatures.

Live unlimited adventures with your friends in an incredibly beautiful and extensive world, build your future and unravel the ancient arcane arts of the elderly, defend your home from mutated creatures and other survivors.


  • Extensive crafting with more than 400 recipes.
  • Play with your friends in a world of 36 square kilometers.
  • Fight against mutated enemies.
  • Survive in a hostile world, create your own weapons or tools, collect resources to create your buildings.
  • Create powerful potions and spells in the numerous work stations.
  • Discover the 4 biomes on the world of Nordheim.
  • Discover many dungeons, cities, towns, etc.
  • Equip yourself well with numerous: armor, weapons, potions, spells, etc.
  • There are 4 types of buildings, from the basic straw building to the robust stone building

Mutagen Extinction v1.3

We are pleased to present the new Mutagen Extinction update.

After almost a year of hard work, we have achieved our goals.

* Graphical engine renewed.

* Performance improvement.

* Character updated with new animations.

* New combat system.

* Added Quests.

* New tutorial.

* Game map completely renewed.

* New 3D models, including constructions, weapons, vegetation, crafting tables, etc.

* New system at death's door, where you can be reanimated by your fellow adventurers.

And much more to discover.

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