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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Mutagen Extinction. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

New Mutagen Extinction update[]

Character Inventory

Added Quests.

Character Inventory

New system at death's door

  • Added Quests.
  • New tutorial.
  • New system at death's door, where you can be reanimated by your fellow adventurers.

Character Inventory (More information in our steam guide)[]

Character Inventory

Character Inventory

1- Character life

character's life it goes up when we are with full food, and we use a healing potion or spell

2- Mutageno

if it is completely filled the character dies, (in the mortar you can create an antimutant recipe).

3- Experience

it goes up killing enemies, collecting, creating items

4- Resistance

the tiredness of the character goes down when we run, we hit (when we are tired we do less damage when hitting attack)

5- Food

you die when you do not eat (an icon appears on the top notifying when the food is down)

6- Drink

you die when you do not drink (an icon appears in the upper part warning when the food is down)

7- Slots quick access

place in these slots your weapons, food, potions etc .. for your fast access by pressing the numbers from 0 to 9 or with the central wheel of the mouse

8- Crafting

Recipes we have in the character

9- Equipment

Information about your character, and where to place your armors and jewelry

10- Social

Information about our friends and invitations

11- Options

Options within the game to configure keys, sound, graphics

12- Buildings

It is described below

13- Weapons and tools

It is described below

14- Miscellany

It is described below

15- Locations and work stations

It is described below

16- Item description

Pressing tells you the item information

17- Inventory

Spaces of your inventory (Items can be divided by pressing the key (Mayus) and dragging to another Slots)

18- Weight

Weight you carry

19- Map

Map of the world in which we see our position and when we put a sleeping bag or bed is shown on the map or the position of our remains when we die (we will open by pressing the (M) by default

Weapons and tools[]

With these recipes we will create our first weapons and basic tools[]

Weapons and tools

Weapons and tools

1- Handle for stone ax

To create Handle for stone ax of our we need wooden branches (it is extracted from the shrub stick) we also need some small stones extracted from the rocks.

2- Handle for knife

To create handle for the manufacture of a knife you need wooden branches (it is extracted from the shrub stick) you also need a few small stones are extracted from the rocks.

3- Stone for stone ax

Recipe for carving a stone and placing it on an ax

4- Stone for knife

Recipe for carving a stone and placing it on a knife

5- stone ax

Recipe to create the stone ax after creating the handle and the stone you also have to create some ropes to join it all (the strings are created with the fiber),

6- stone knife

It is created the same as the stone ax

7- Wood Spear

Recipe to create our first spear to defend yourself, you only need some branches and small stones, you can use them as a melee or throw them

These recipes are created in the same character you just have to have the ingredients in your inventory put the amount and click create items


Here you will find all the recipes related to the first constructions of straw, soils, walls, ceilings etc ...

Character Inventory


To create the first constructions is needed.[]

  1. Pine wood (hitting a pine tree with a stone ax)
  2. Bunches of rope (created in miscellaneous with fiber is collected in fibrous plants)
  3. Straw is collected on straw plants
  4. Quantity
  5. Craft item

These recipes are created in the same character you just have to have the ingredients in your inventory put the amount and click create items

Locations and work stations[]

Our first recipes for the creation of work tables, such as bonfires, basic carpentry, mortar or sleeping bag.

Character Inventory

Locations and work stations

1- Campfire

In the bonfire our first meat that we take when we kill is cooked, a chicken, crab, pork ...

2- Basic carpentry

It is one of our first work tables, where you can create more tables to continue moving forward,

3- Stone mortar

In the mortar our first healing potions are prepared, antimutageno, treating the resin for the creation of arrows etc ...

4- Sleeping bag

The sleeping bag when you die appears where you put it, (appears on the map,)


The first basic recipes of, torches, bamboo cups, ropes



1- Wood mace

Our first wooden mallet, (necessary to build the basic carpentry)

2- Bunch of rope

The strings are a very necessary resource to join the different materials (they are created with fiber plants)

3- Banboo vase

The bamboo cups create and fill them from any source of water rivers, seas, wells, so as not to die of thirst,

To use the bamboo vase you have to place it in a quick Slots by pressing (E) by default it will fill or if it is full veverlo

4- Torch

The one that will illuminate the way




  1. Player's name and level, experience received and experience needed for the next level.
  2. Slots where to place your armors
  3. Slots where to place your rings, pendants, bracelets etc ...
  4. Stats - Strength - More strength we can carry more weight, and more damage we will do - Dexterity - Dexterity affects movement and resistance - Constitution - The constitution affects the character's life - Intelligence - Affects above all the spells more intelligence more damage do




1- Invitations

Where the invitations of your friends arrive (to invite a friend you have to approach him and press (F) by default you will get an icon on the top part of the screen)

2- Friends

Here you will see the friends you have

3- Year,Month,Day

Year, Month, Current day in the game




1- Controls

To configure the keys

2- Sound

To configure sound options

3- Graphics

To configure graphic options

4- Exit to Main Menu

Exit to Main Menu

5- Exit to System