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Armor may be found in Nordheim to help provide protection against attacks.

Tailoring Table.png
Tailoring Table.

Tailoring Table

Straw Hat.jpg
Straw Hat (Weight 0.1 Armor 1).
Fiber Shirt.jpg
Fiber Shirt (Weight 0.2 Armor 2).
Fiber Pant.jpg
Fiber Pant (Weight 0.2 Armor 2).
Fiber Sandals.jpg
Fiber Sandals (Weight 0.2 Armor 1).
Mattress For Bed.jpg
Mattress For Bed.
Repair Kit For Clothes.jpg
Repair Kit For Clothes.

A loom

A loom.png
a loom.
Roll Of Linen string.jpg
Roll Of Linen string.
Rope Of Linen String.jpg
Rope Of Linen String.
Liten Bandana.jpg
Liten Bandana (Weight 0.2 Armor 2).
Liten String Shirt.jpg
Liten String Shirt (Weight 0.2 Armor 2).
A Pair Of Linen Gloves.jpg
A Pair Of Linen Gloves (Weight 0.2 Armor 2).
A linen trusers.jpg
A linen trusers (Weight 0.3 Armor 2).
A Pair Of Linen Shoes.jpg
A Pair Of Linen Shoes (Weight 0.5 Armor 2).


Leather Roll.jpg
Leather Roll.
A Leather Strips22.jpg
A Leather Strips.
Leather Belt22.jpg
Leather Belt.
A Repair Kit For leather Armors.jpg
A Repair Kit For leather Armors.

A Leather Hat.jpg
A Leather Hat (Weight 0.3 Armor 3).
A Leather jacket.jpg
A Leather jacket (Weight 2 Armor 3).
A Leather Gloves.jpg
A Leather Gloves (Weight 0.3 Armor 3).
A Leather trouser.jpg
A Leather trouser (Weight 1 Armor 3).
A Pair Of LeatherBoots.jpg
A Pair Of LeatherBoots (Weight 0.6 Armor 3).
ArmeriaArmaduras Tier1.png
Armor Armory.

Armor Armory

Leather Helmet With Copper Studs.jpg
Leather Helmet With Copper Studs (Weight 1 Armor 5).
Leather Armor With Copper Studs.jpg
Leather Armor With Copper Studs (Weight 1.5 Armor 5).
Leather Gloves With Copper Studs.jpg
Leather Gloves With Copper Studs (Weight 0.3 Armor 5)
Leather Pants With Copper Studs.jpg
Leather Pants With Copper Studs (Weight 1 Armor 5)
Leather Boots With Copper Studs.jpg
Leather Boots With Copper Studs (Weight 0.5 Armor 5)
Metal Armor Repair Kit.jpg
Metal Armor Repair Kit
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